How it works

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Here’s how it works:  The reverse rotation blades cultivate the dirt, pulverizing clods and chopping all grass, weeds or stubble.  The dirt, mixed with the chopped plant debris, is lifted by the blades and propelled backwards.  The 12 mm steel rods of the separation grill screen out larger clods and rocks.  Heavier rocks and pebbles are deposited first, on the bottom of the trench, while the soil passes through the grill and covers the rocks and debris.  Seed fall onto a perfectly prepared seedbed.  Just add rain for a perfect stand!

Options & Upgrades:

Hydraulic depth regulator
Hydraulic regulator for leveling bonnet
Lateral Leveling Disks and/or Slides
Packer Roller with Reinforced Mounting (tube diam. 273mm)
PTO with automatic torque-limiter
Upgrade to 6 blades per Flange (for ACP & ACL models)
Tungsten-treated Blades (special order only)

Seeders are NOT drills–the seed fall onto the prepared seed-bed and are pressed into contact with the soil by the packer-roller.  Just add rain for a perfect stand!

Mowers and Cultivators for Vineyards, Orchards, Food-Plots and Farms