In-Row Tiller Vineyard Videos

Thanks to Betsy & Bill Nachbaur, Owners & Vignerons, ACORN Winery/Alegría Vineyards (

Thanks to Steve Lock for sharing this video of FPP working at Lock Vineyard in Paso Robles.  Visit Ecluse Wines for more information:

Perfect for Organic Vineyards as demonstrated at Wrights Wines (Gisborne, NZ):


Disk Kits for All Models to Hill and De-Hill Dirt Around Vines

Hydraulic Cylinders for Emergency Retraction and Front/Back Tilt

Joystick Electric-over-Hydraulic Controls (for especially young or delicate plants)

PTO Shaft with Friction Disk for Rocky Ground

Trunk-cleaning Flap

Mowers and Cultivators for Vineyards, Orchards, Food-Plots and Farms