One-Pass Machinery for Farms, Vineyards, Orchards & Wildlife Plots


W offer custom-built mowers and cultivators designed manage two operations in one pass.  Whether you have narrow-width rows and compact tractors or larger models, we can provide an implement to suit your needs.  If your goal is efficient vineyard or orchard management, while reducing dependance on hand-labor, our cultivators and mowers can help. 

You can recondition your soil  in just one pass with our line of stone-buriers.  These reverse-rotation cultivators have a separation grill, which buries stones, clods and vegetation at the bottom of an excellent seedbed ready for replanting.  Add a seeder and you can go from fallow field to planted plot in one pass. Built by the Collari family company, these machines are designed for ease of operation and dependable performance.

Trying to minimize “touches” in your vineyard or orchard?  We have  in-row cultivators and mowers to control weeds under the trellis and around posts and vines.  If you want to enhance the richness of your soil, while minimizing herbicide use, consider one of our mowers with attachments to mow under fences, trellis and drip irrigation lines, and around posts, vines and trees. These machines can help you meet strict organic production standards.   Our mowers will effectively mulch large limbs as well as weeds or cover crops, simultaneously protecting hillsides against erosion while returning valuable organic material to the soil.  The “mow-around” disk mower is spring-loaded to roll and bounce around posts, fruit trees, vines and nursery stock. It is designed to float over uneven ground.  Round-Up™ resistant weeds are not a problem for these machines!

Specialized Agricultural Machinery for Vineyards, Orchards, Food-Plots and Farms